Experience an active holiday in unmatched locations across India. Let us pamper you with our warm hospitality

LETS Camps are all set in Unmatched Locations where you can enjoy warm hospitality, homely food and feel engaged & alive!
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Experience an active holiday in unmatched locations across India.

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WhatKedarkantha Expedition
Altitude12500 ft.
DatesVarious dates from Dec 2023 to Mar 2024
Trek up the Kedarkantha peak which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas.

LETS Stargaze 3


VenueSkandagiri | Tamia | Yercaud  
DatesChoose your own dates  
Watch the spectacular sky at our billion-star camps.

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ProgramParent & Child Programs
VenueSkandagiri | Tamia | Yercaud
DatesChoose your own dates
Parent & I programs that help forge bonds and strong foundations for future conversations.

LETS Explore


Duration5 to 16 days
Distance1600 km
DatesChoose your own dates
Not just a road trip . . . a journey immersing you into the Great Himalayas. Curated, flexible, fun & safe.

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LETS camping experiences are set in the pristine wilderness where less is more!

A billion-star hotel
Where you are away from routine, rut and drudgery
Where you are close to nature
Where you are active and engaged
Where you experience the joy of being alive!

Tirthan River Gif


LETS Camp Skandagiri


Located near the Nandi Hills at a height of 4500 feett, our camp is nestled in amongst hills, forest and lakes which makes it the perfect location for an outdoor experiential program close to Bengaluru. The surrounding areas feature 18th Century remains of the historical fort of Tipu Sultan along with Temples from the same era.


LETS Camp Tirthan river1


LETS Camp Tirthan

The largest riverfront property in Tirthan Valley, our camp is set on the banks of the pristine Tirthan River. 4 steps down from the main dining area and you are enjoying the cool waters of the river! It borders the Great Himalayan National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


LETS Camp Yercaud

LETS Camp Yercaud, is nestled in the Orchardale Estate in Yercaud near Salem, offering a cosy stay amidst coffee plantations and orange tree orchards. Perched at an elevation of 5100 feet, our camp in Yercaud is the highest permanent nature camp in South India.

LETS Camp Yercaud Campfire sitout
LETS Camp Tamia campus view


LETS Camp Tamia

LETS Camp Tamia is perched on a plateau at a height of over 3000 feet. The camp is spread across an area of 17 acres and offers spectacular views of the Patalkot Valley. Enjoy the majestic sunrise and sunsets right from our camp!


LETS Camp Chail Hills

Camp Chail Hills is located at a height of almost 5100 feet amidst dense pine forest. The surrounding areas feature cascading waterfalls and lush green landscapes which add to the beauty of the place. Experience clear blue skies and the resplendent sun and become one in nature's harmony.

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