LETS Camp Chail Hills Dlx tent4

The Deluxe Tents in Chail are 240 sq. ft. in area and can accommodate up to 3 guests. They come with attached bathrooms and other complimentary facilities for a perfect holiday experience!

LETS Camp Chail Hills Sup Tents 4 inside

Our Superior Tents in Chail are 240 sq. ft. in area. These luxurious tents come with an additional 48 sq. ft. sit-out area where occupants get the privilege to sit outside and adore nature.

LETS Camp Chail Hill Sup Cabin 2

Our Superior Cabins of 260 sq. ft. in area each come with wooden flooring, simple elegant furnishing and spaces for a relaxing holiday. These cabins in Chail also have a 48 sq. ft. attached sit-out area for guests to enjoy glory of nature!